Buckhead Rotary Hears Ledlie Group’s Allison Johnson

Buckhead Rotary Hears Ledlie Group’s Allison Johnson

Vocation: Allison Johnson, role model for younger women

by Brennan Robison

Posted on  6/24/09 at: http://www.buckheadrotary.com/global/story.php?ID=742

Glass ceilings never frightened Allison Johnson, nor stood long in her way.

“In my career, I have had an opportunity to be something of a role model for younger women,” Allison says.

A graduate of the University of Georgia with a journalism degree, she went to work for Delta Airlines, becoming the only woman in a non-clerical role on the second floor of the jet base, crowded with engineers.

“Clearly, many of the men resented my presence as they felt it was a man’s job to enable him to take care of his children,” she says. Not to mention, most of the engineers went to Georgia Tech.

But gradually, she won over her critics, rising to Director of Aircraft Engineering in 1993, and later Director of Employee Relations. She says many of her former detractors send her well wishes to this day.

Allison also broke through barriers at her church. In 1983, she became the first woman to become an ordained elder at the Presbyterian Church in Stockbridge. She says two families left the church because of it. Today, however, she says the church has doubled in size, and the women out number the men on the governing body, in committees, and volunteering.

Allison’s work at Delta included In-Flight Service, Brand Management, Delta Technology, Aircraft Engineering, Corporate Communications, and Human Resources.

After leaving Delta, Allison joined The Ledlie Group, a public relations firm where she provides counsel to the firm’s clients on change management communication, executive and employee communications, and leadership development [read her bio].

“I like to say my second career (Public Relations) proves that you can teach old dogs new tricks,” she says.

Allison was already familiar with Rotary before she joined because of the time her fourth grade social studies class studied it. “We had to learn the Four-Way Test,” she recalls, “and for years I carried it on a small card in my wallet.”

Allison lives in Jonesboro with her husband Bob. They have two grown children.

Allison attributes her determination to her mother, who raised Allison and her younger brother alone after their father died when Allison was 10. She says her mother, who passed away in 2007 at the age of 90, was very strong yet warm and gracious even in adversity.

“She held her head high and expected the same of her children,” Allison says. “I hope she is happy with what she sees of us now.”

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